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Hoxton Analytics : Creating Safe Visitor Locations And Attractions

Top 10 Retail Tech Startup Solution Companies In UK - 2021

In the UK consumer market, shopper behavior has changed from a weekly visit to a retailer to purchasing fresh products on a daily basis. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this trend and the use of online channels. As retailers were not equipped to shift their operations online and cater to their customers many have gone out of business due to lesser visitors to their brick-and-mortar stores. As life slowly returns to normal, retailers to throw caution to the wind are turning their attention to technology companies to gain access to easy to use and customizable applications and devices in creating a significant online presence.

To help these retailers and brands have a comprehensive view of the trends and top solutions and services available in retail tech, our editors have conducted an immersive research along with industry experts. The magazine comprises of information on those digital wares that are enabling retailers to turn around their sales that were majorly affected. With superior connectivity and automated processes, every aspect of the retail workflow from ordering and payment up to delivery is controllable and monitorable from a single source allowing business owners to be profitable and prepare for a sustainable future. The magazine also offers insights from some of the retail tech industry’s top minds on the best practices to deploy in attaining a complete and future-ready digital-oriented operational workflow.

We present to you our "Top 10 Retail Tech Startups in UK - 2021


    Top Retail Tech Startup Solution Companies In UK

  • Hoxton Analytics is a people count and occupancy solutions provider that offers clients an easy-install hardware and software to monitor visitors and plan their operations accordingly. As lockdown laws are slowly relaxed, occupancy data will be critical in business profitability by playing a dominant role in the way a company operates in the new normal. And to serve this very purpose, Hoxton Analytics also offers its AI Occupancy Monitor, an attractive and user-friendly dashboard that allows building owners and businesses collect data from multiple AI People Count Sensors and gather deeper insights for better space management

  • Snappy Shopper is a local store delivery service platform provider. By putting the retailer in charge of the deliveries it supports profitable growth trusting retailers to serve their customers as they would expect from as little as 30 minutes. Snappy Shopper has disrupted the traditional online grocery shopping pattern and vastly become a household name with over 170k users. Working with leading brands such as SPAR, Nisa, Co-Op, Premier and hundreds of independently owned stores, Snappy Shopper provides an additional sales platform to the sector

  • AI Retailer Systems

    AI Retailer Systems

    AI Retailer Systems, award wining startup which aims to revolutionize the shopping experience in retail by removing the checkout process, empowering retailers to bring stores closer to consumers, extend opening hours and saving millions of hours to consumers

  • Cheqout Technologies

    Cheqout Technologies

    Cheqout Technologies is making high street retail smarter through data-driven member insights

  • Insite AI

    Insite AI

    Insite AI are trusted for its expertise focused on large CPGs, and as the most customizable platform in market. The company specializes in RETAIL and CPG ​ AI-driven predictions, forecasts and recommendations for Category Management, Pricing and Promotions, and Demand Forecasting.​ Focusing specifically on category management and forecasting models through the use of a central hyper-optimization AI engine, Insite AI reviews all category management decisions across your product and merchandising journey, allowing us to predict the impact of every individual and collective action

  • LiSA


    LiSA’s mission is to bring the most joyful and seamless live shopping experiences to e-commerce. Sophie and Philippe, its founders, have extensive experience in retail innovation and retail tech - one might say they live and breathe enhanced retail customer experiences. Surprised by the lack of companies focusing on helping retailers to enable such joyful experiences in their own digital environments, they founded LiSA. Together with Michael, their Tech Lead, who has years of experience both in e-commerce building and conversational commerce, they are proud to develop live entertainmerce products today with the specific needs of different e-retailers in mind from the outset

  • MishiPay


    MishiPay empowers shoppers to scan and pay for their shopping with their smartphones, rather than wasting time queuing at the checkout. With MishiPay’s technology, shoppers can now pick up an item they wish to buy, scan the barcode of the item with their phone and pay for it in the app, then simply leave with the item they just bought. What's more, thanks to its advanced technology and strategic partnerships, the company's service can be implemented rapidly and cost-effectively by retailers, and it can integrate seamlessly without the need for additional hardware

  • Ocucon


    Ocucon is a visionary technology company with the aim of helping businesses have a one stop shop to “see everything and know everything." Founded in 2016, Ocucon specialises in the development and sale of disruptive technological solutions designed to mitigate risks for businesses. Cloud by Ocucon is the world’s first Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) system, providing unlimited storage for unlimited cameras within the cloud to defend against fraudulent slips, trips and falls. Breaking new grounds in surveillance technology, Cloud by Ocucon delivers a powerful, cloud-based storage and retrieval platform, combining intelligent data analytics with the facility to store, analyse and retrieve unlimited amounts of video surveillance footage from within the Ocucon portal

  • Pinnaca Retail Solutions

    Pinnaca Retail Solutions

    Pinnaca Retail Solutions have established a highly respected reputation for its quality fault-finding methods, fast resolution times and comprehensive, trusted consultancy on the improvement of the consumer journey. In addition, Pinnaca offers a personalised support solution, specialising in retail, including infrastructure design, user support and installations, training, service desk support, proactive maintenance and ongoing account management. Its core focus is to empower clients with technology in ensuring their customers have a world class journey whilst engaging through a number of channels

  • RetailReport


    RetailReport is a Cloud based software application that automatically and seamlessly collects and analyzes data from a wide range of sources and displays them in a single easy to use dashboard. Using many years of experience in the shopping centre and retail sector, the company has developed the most comprehensive range of modules which cover every aspect of the management of Shopping Centres, Retail Parks, Managed Buildings and Hotels. Working directly with Landlords, Management Companies, Shopping Centre management teams, and retailers, RetailReport have extensively researched every facet of the retail and hospitality property sectors, to create an invaluable and almost inexhaustible supply of reports and forecasting to help its clients maximise their asset and stay ahead of the competition

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