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Top 10 Retail Tech Startup Solution Companies In Europe-2021

With consumers choosing to do a majority of their purchasing online or preferring a no-contact modus operandi, brands and retail outlets are moving to a accommodate a modern digitized stream of operations. From automated kiosks to multiple payment options, every retail outlet of a brand needs to be connected in order to discover new business avenues and strategies. But monitoring a plethora of applications and devices is cumbersome, and companies are seeking solutions that can allow them to have convenience of control for all their processes.

Keeping track of all the trends within the retail tech space, we have compiled a list of startups that are leading the way to digitally transform retail outlet and online operations. These tech companies design and deliver services and solutions that enable retailers to push past their challenges and to free resources to focus on actions that really matter for brand growth. Data generated by the applications can aid brands to capture the true essence of their consumer demands and then deliver relevant content to further enhance the experience for the end-customer. From an operational and commercial perspectives, retail outlets not only improve their engagement with the customers but also with vendors, partners and suppliers. We hope our readers find the information helpful in empowering themselves to choosing the right technology partner and amplifying their digital transformation experience.

We present to you our "Top 10 Retail Tech Startups in Europe - 2021."

    Top Retail Tech Startup Solution Companies In Europe

  • Connected Molecules develops connected web services for self-service machines across retails on-the-go, while facilitating (multi-) payment solutions, secondary benefits, remote management and alerts, along with personalized offers

  • Formulate provides retailers and suppliers with AI based analysis of promotion performance. Combining data science and retail expertise, Formulate offers large retailers the tools to plan, optimise, and evaluate their promotions across every product and in every store. Using Formulate, retailers can review campaign performance to understand which promotions worked and which did not, simulate ideas with highly-accurate feedback on how the promotion would perform in practice, and construct a full promotion plan to fulfil specific objectives, like driving profit, volume, footfall, basket size, or some combination of the above

  • A smart logistics specialist, Geek+ offers advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to automate warehouse and factory operations.Backed by its cutting-edge capabilities, Geek+ is empowering a broad range of industries—apparel, retail, automotive, electronics, energy, and pharmaceutical—and significantly enhancing their warehouse capabilities, whether it is speed, product diversification, same-day delivery, volume, or safety. The company’s vision is to establish a fully automated and intelligent supply chain globally, making logistics affordable, efficient, flexible, safe, and agile

  • JogoTech is a software engineering company that innovates in the retail industry. It is a pioneer in the "e-xtended retail" concept where the combination of e-commerce plus the phygital store (physical + digital) offers customers a 100% digital in-store experience. JogoRoom is the Phygital Store OS that improves customer experience, transforms the sales assistant into a personal shopper, turns the store into a showroom with an efficient warehouse, and manages the store with real-time data.

  • A German retail-tech company, MAGNWALL specialises in manufacturing 100 per cent electrified surfaces and magnetic accessories for totally flexible, gridless and wireless product presentation and interior design in retail, galleries, exhibitions, home and office areas

  • Relayter automates the design & production process of large volume marketing content for Retailers & Brands. Customers include some of the biggest global retail brands: A.S. Watson, Ahold Delhaize, SPAR Group, Maxeda DIY Group, and many others. Whether you work with weekly ad folders, product brochures, online display banners, social posts or large volumes of in-store POS material. Relayter helps you automate and create all marketing collateral efficiently in one SaaS platform.Relayter simplifies Retail Marketing Productions.

  • Soundtrack Your Brand is unlocking the next generation music enablement for retailers, bringing the power of music streaming to the next generation retailers who want to be at the forefront of the retail technology revolution. Soundtrack Your Brand has developed a unique proprietary music intelligence platform where retailers can input their aspired brand experience, instructing the AI on Genres, Tempos, Aspired Sound, Origin, Decades, and removing Explicit Lyrics if required. It enables retail brands to leverage sophisticated AI in order to deliver a sharp brand experience through music over time while keeping the brand experience relevant to the specific retail contexts, such as where it’s being delivered

  • Syte is the world’s first product discovery platform. Powered by visual AI, the company aims to spearhead the evolution of eCommerce by enabling brands and retailers to seamlessly connect shoppers with products they love. Its solutions, including camera search, augmented site search, personalization engines, and smart in-store tools, empower shoppers to discover and purchase products in the same way they live their lives─instant, intuitive, visual. Leading brands and retailers, like Farfetch, PrettyLittleThing, Conforama, Shane Co., and Zozo, partner with Syte to provide on-demand, hyper-personalized experiences that drive conversion, increase average order value, and spark lifelong loyalty



    HOORO is an italian innovative start-up that through the development of a proprietary device intercepts the consumer's purchase act at the physical Point-of-Sale and optimizes the stocks on the shelf and in the warehouse. HOORO is the first Italian Retail Tech start-up with an international scope to develop predictive models of Machine Learning on Out-Of-Stock (lack of product on the shelf) thanks to the peculiar proprietary device covered by a patent in the Food / Grocery Retail sector. The target are the optimization of business processes, the predictive analysis of product sales in the channel and an evolved consumer experience. The integrated system provides for fast check-in/check-out and the prevention of theft at the Point-of-Sale

  • Nextail Labs

    Nextail Labs

    Nextail is a smart platform for retail merchandising. Developed by retail experts, it delivers agile data-driven decisions to meet increasing consumer demands. Using Nextail’s AI and advanced analytics, global retailers like River Island, Versace and Pepe Jeans, are automating dynamic buying and merchandising. Within weeks, sales and margins increase while stock levels are reduced. Nextail was designed by fashion retail experts to support retailers in the transition to an agile retail paradigm. Its algorithms are built based on the latest fast-fashion operations research, which can be extended to other verticals with constant product introduction and short product lifecycles

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