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Top 10 Retail Tech Startups in Europe - 2022

The global pandemic brought seismic changes to the world of retail. Most online retailers are burning their midnight oil to fill orders and refresh inventory at an increasingly rapid pace, as well as reduce revenue and wastage caused by returns. On the other hand, offline retailers are struggling to cope with declining footfall and the need to compete with global e-tailers on convenience as well as price.

As customer expectations are at an all-time high, augmenting their experience with the help of modern technology tools is the name of the game for retailers. To that end, creating hybrid shopping experiences such as “buy-online-pickup-in-store” and developing omnichannel capabilities is the way forward for the retailer in order to improve customer experience. Many retailers are creating cashierless shopping solutions to automate mundane work like scanning groceries at a till. Besides, some brick-and-mortar stores also leverage experiential retailing solutions to render personalised shopping experiences to their customers to match their online experience. Some of the other noteworthy developments in retail tech are autonomous delivery solutions, social and omnichannel commerce, and innovative cybersecurity solutions.

This edition of Enterprise Security Europe highlights the key developments in the Security Analytics space and how companies maximise innovative solutions to boost their cybersecurity strategies. The edition features thought leadership articles from Frederic Court, Fridtjof Berge, among others who have imparted their opinions on the Intersection of technology and creativity in the retail sector, changing the ecommerce landscape, and other recent developments in the retail industry.

Along with that, the edition features many innovative retail tech solutions from companies, including Ocula Technologies, that offer cognitive tools to help retailers survive and thrive with clear, profit-driving optimisations.

We present to you Retail Tech Insights Europe’s “Top 10 Retail Tech Startups in Europe - 2022."

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    Top Retail Tech Startups in Europe

  • With a mission is to empower European retailers to deliver the 24/7 in-store shopping experience, AI Retailer Systems was established in 2019. Under the able leadership of Alejandro Garcia, co-founder and CEO of AI Retailer Systems, the company currently offers autonomous in-store checkout technologies optimised for flexible pop-up stores

  • Adalong


    AdAlong enables brands to empower their communities of fans, consumers and employees through the visual content created by them and that resonate to them. AdAlong AI-powered platform is the "pinterest" of brands' user generated content. In a couple of clicks, brands curate the content, contact their creators and promote them on multiple channels

  • aifora


    The aifora retail automation platform enables one to predict how much the customers will buy, when, where and at what price. With a variety of AI-based solutions for pricing and inventory management, one will be able to comprehensively optimize the merchandise management and automate all underlying processes

  • Geoblink


    Geoblink is a SaaS-based Location Intelligence solution that helps professionals from the retail, real estate, and FMCG industries make informed decisions about their business strategies. It combines traditional and non-traditional advanced analytics techniques over big and small data, together with a rich map-based UI to display multiple types of statistics in a way that is simple to use and easy to understand

  • Loyal Guru

    Loyal Guru

    Loyal Guru is the only Customer Data platform which is built keepng in mind the Retailers’ Challenges. Their platform is powerful and flexible and scales to meet the needs of any Retailer’s business. They also empower retailers with smart tools such as a coupons and loyalty engines to help them acquire, retain and develop their customers having an ultimate impact on sales

  • Nextail


    Nextail is a smart platform for retail merchandising. Developed by retail experts, it delivers agile data-driven decisions to meet increasing consumer demands. Using Nextail’s AI and advanced analytics, many global retailers are automating dynamic buying and merchandising

  • Productsup


    The Productsup product-to-consumer (P2C) platform processes over two trillion products a month, empowering long-term business success as the only global, strategic, scalable platform managing all product-to-consumer information value chains across any platform, any channel, any technology

  • Relex


    RELEX Solutions helps retailers and consumer goods brands drive profitable growth across all sales and distribution channels by maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing operative costs in a rapidly changing market

  • Sensei


    Sensei is the leading provider of autonomous stores, offering a secure and reliable AI-powered solution for retailers to build efficient operations and deliver a frictionless shopping experience. Combining AI, computer vision, and machine learning, they build a full-service system that is scalable across multiple formats

  • Signatrix


    Signatrix connects with security cameras, using Artificial Intelligence to analyse whatever is happening in retail stores. Signatrix add and fine-tune use-case Apps, review incidents, and truly understand a businesses store and the customers through valuable analytics

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